Sunday, February 3, 2013


     Many people crave serenity in their lives, but they never take the time to create a serene environment. We must realize one thing, and that is that we control the flow of life, it does not control us. Certainly there are things that must be done in a day; but there also things that can be done tomorrow or even eliminated from our daily lives. Cutting down on the amount of news programs we watch in the evening can open up time to create serenity in our lives. Or maybe stop reading through the local obituaries every day and use that time for peaceful meditation. What daily habits can you rearrange or eliminate completely so that you can find time for serene, peaceful practices in your life? And what brings serenity into your life; painting, listening to music, meditation, reading or just looking out of the window and observing nature? Remember, you must take the time to make your life more serene... it will just not automatically happen.

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