Thursday, September 6, 2012


     One of the things that really shaped my life in the early years occured back in the November of 1979. I was twelve years old, and not a very happy child at that moment. There seemed to be a lot of negativity in my life at that young age. I won't go into all the details about what was happening at that time, but through it all I was very blessed to have what we call an angelic encounter. It was a very strange occurrence, and at the start I was quite fearful of what was happening. But it didn't take long for the aura of unconditional love that radiated from the being to win me over and make me feel more secure. During this encounter, a lot of information was imparted to my soul, information that was beyond my young mind to come up with on its own. It was a time of great wonderment but also a lot of questions.

     My encounter was different than others I have read about in popular books, in that it reoccurred over many years. As I grew older I was unsure about a great many things about the encounter; and even questioned my own sanity. After all, angels always popping up in my life at unexpected times... especially when times were tough. But then in 2004, one of the most dynamic encounters with the angel took place. And to me surprise, many odd and unexplained things began to happen in the presence of others: celestial music would play out of nowhere, floating orbs of light would slowly drift through the room, the smell of flowers and the sound of bells ringing would come out of thin air. After these things were witnessed so many times by other individuals, I knew that the angelic encounter was not just a figment of my imagination.

     To go into all the details about what happened during those encounters would take many, many blogs. But suffice it to say, it was life changing for me. It truly made me realize that we are not alone in this universe, and something very big and loving watches over us all... If you would like to read the details of the entire encounter, I would invite you to read my book, An Angel Came Down, .. It is a book that I am very proud of, and one that I hope will change the life perspective of the reader as well.


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