Friday, September 7, 2012


    The gift of story telling that my grandparents introduced me to has been one that has lasted a lifetime. As a young boy I enjoyed reading, watching movies and hearing other people tell oral tales; and when it came time to do creative writing in school, I was highly praised by my teachers (even though I wasn't the greatest student in other areas.) As the years went by I began writing poetry, short stories and eventually longer works of various genres. I always say that I let my muse dictate what will be written when the time comes to start a new project; to try and force the process would be a futile attempt. So now you know why I may write about angels or runes one minute, and the next I'm pumping out stories that involve flesh eating zombies. :-)

     Fortune and fame have little to do with the whole writing life for me; if it comes, great... if not, that's okay too. I feel blessed whether I sell one copy of a book or one hundred. Ideas just have to be born, from real life to the written page.


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