Wednesday, September 5, 2012


     As far as religion goes, I was exposed to some very negative concepts at a young age. The days of my grandparent's positive spin on God and heaven were short lives. Once my parents got more serious about spirituality, they began to take my brother and I to a hellfire and brimstone church. It was in this church that I heard how God punished people severely for their sins. If we stubbed our toe, broke our leg, caught a cold or died pf cancer, it was God's way of giving us a spiritual spanking for our short comings... It was an idea that filled me with fear for many years to come; and I no longer believed that the man upstairs was my friend.

     Even at a very early age, I was interested in the power of the mind and psychic phenomenon. Religion however told me that these things were evil and sinful. But eventually, curiousity got the better of me and I began to explore other aspects of spiritual belief. I dabbled in the New Age, experimented with different aspects of magic and even walked a mile or two as a pagan. So where do I stand spiritually once the dust of many years had settled? I believe in the more metaphysical philosophies or "Mind Sciences," as some call them. I still have my splash of New Age beliefs and also a hint of Spiritualism thrown in. I believe in God, angels, life beyond death and that the universe is basically a good and friendly place. I was fortunate enough in life to also have some very mind blowing spiritual experiences that helped to throw off the chains of religious fear and eventually find my way back to a more positive belief system.... But we will discuss those experiences tomorrow.

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