Tuesday, September 4, 2012


     I thought for the rest of this week, we would take a peek inside my mind and see what makes me tick; sort of a getting to know blog. I suppose to start out, we will delve into where my interest in horror stories and the supernatural came from. To some, it may seem a little strange that a person involved in spirituality and metaphysics would be interested in ghosts, goblins, monsters and zombies. I was first exposed to the world of the unknown and the macabre by my grandparents. When I was quite young, and would spend the night at their house, they would turn off the lights at dusk and spin yarns of ghosts and strange happenings. I always looked forward to these times, and was absolutley fascinated by the thought of it all.

     On those long ago weekends at granny's, we would also all gather around the TV and watch what my grandparents would fondly refer to as a "spook picture." It was also my grandparents who had first exposed me to the concept of God and evening prayers. I don't think anything captivated my young mind as much as these ideas and stories of Divine beings, spirits and other worlds. Needless to say, it was these days of my childhood that planted the seeds that have stuck with me and grown these many years later; and these subjects captivate my mind now just as much as they did way back then...

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