Tuesday, September 11, 2012


     Today we welcome to the blog my co-author Jay Brice. Jay and I have written the book, Heartbroken and Homicidal, which will be out later this week. I will now turn the blog over to Jay to tell us a little bit about the book:

     Thanks Paul, I appreciate the opportunity to write on your blog and I hope people will enjoy reading what I write here today. First and foremost, the idea for Heartbroken and Homicidal came about when a friend of mine was going through a very bad breakup. He was so down and depressed that he actually went in search of a book that might give him some advice on how to cope with what he was going through. He found a couple of titles, but later told me that the contents was pretty superficial. This put the wheels in motion and I thought about doing a project for a long time. I wanted to write a book that had some solid relationship advice within its pages, but was unsure on how to proceed with the idea. It wasn't until I met Paul and actually bounced the idea off of him one night while discussing literature. I have never written a book before, so this is my first. It was Paul that suggested writing a book that was more of manual on what not to do when your relationship ends. I thought that was a great idea, and began to jot down some ideas; later on, Paul began to help me edit and contributed some great material to the project.

     We wanted to leave all of the filler material and superfluous banter out of the book and just really cut to the chase. Let's face it, if your really hurting and in need of advice, you don't want to wade through a pile of red tape and useless chapters. You want to get right to the meat of the information as quickly as possible. So what we ended up with is a "short" as they call it in the writing business. The whole book is probably about fifteen pages, but it is dense in its delivery and material. It really is a great little book with a lot of good points to ponder in it. I'm quite excited for it to be released later this week, and I hope that it proves to be useful in the lives of those who may be going through heartbreak.

* Join us tomorrow when Jay will talk more about the upcoming Booklet, Heartbroken and Homicidal (What not to do when your relationship ends.)

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