Monday, September 10, 2012


     The final edits will be done this week on a project I have been working on with auther Jay Brice. The project is a radical departure from my usual genres and will be a nonfiction book about relationships. It is a shorter work, a booklet really, entitled; Heartbroken and Homicidal - What Not To Do When You'r Relationship Ends. The book is done in a sometimes humorous way and tries to to deflect the reader from pulling some of the insane stunts that that the broken hearted sometimes engage in. Let's face it, we have all probably made a putz out of ourselves a time a two during the mind bending moments of heartache... this book aims to help the wounded soul out with some constructive and down to earth advice. This book is the first in many shorter works that I will be doing with other local or indie authors over time. Co-auther Jay Brice will be guest blogging here tomorrow, so please do stop by and give him a warm welcome.

A sample of the books cover appears below; my name does not appear on the cover, as I desired no credits for the book. My aim in the beginning was just to help out a fellow writer with an idea that sounded interesting.. But due to Jay's persistence, that will all change by release time. :-)

Heartbroken and Homicidal should be available by the end of this week.

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