Wednesday, September 12, 2012


     ...Please welcome to the blog once again Mr. Jay Brice; co-author of Heartbroken and Homicidal;

     I want to thank everyone who stopped in yesterday to read my words, I really am very grateful for the kindness and support I am receiving for this book. Although I have never written a book or booklet before, some of my articles have been published in magazines over the years. I am a published writer, but this really is new territory for me. I wrote yesterday about how I always wanted to write this kind of book, but was unsure about how to proceed with it. I had read some of Paul's work in the past and had read his blog from time to time, so I decided to email him and ask him some questions about the steps to take. He was kind enough to share his insight with me and eventually offered to take a look at my notes and scribbled pages that I had hoped to one day turn into a book. We had corresponded for a while before this and had chatted on the phone a few times as well. He offered some great advice and helped to turn this project into a reality.

     Heartbroken and Homicidal really is the kind of book that I wished I had owned back when I had gone through some hard breakups. I say this not because I wrote it; but because it really is a book that is like a friend and guide on the dark road of heartbreak. It is the kind of book that can be referred to again and again for support and comfort. I always had in mind that if I did this project, I wanted to cut out all the fluff and just put the meat and potatoes information in the hands of the reader. I wasn't really sure if a big publisher would ever want to publish such a book. But luckily, I discovered through talking with Paul that shorter works were welcomed in the epublishing world; and some of them even done quite well. I feel very blessed to have written this book and also to have it co-authored by such a wonderful and insightful human being as Paul James Caiden.  In the beginning he wanted me to take full credit for the book, "after all," he would say, "this is your dream book." But I protested politely and told him that he had worked on this book as well and had contributed some great stuff to the manuscript. So in the end, I finally convinced him to add his name to the project. I really feel that this book will be a game changer and a life enhancer for those who seek solice in its pages.

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