Wednesday, November 24, 2010


     We probably have all heard many speeches and sermons about being truly thankful on Thanksgiving. But how many of us have ever truly implemented those messages in our own lives? It seems all too easy to turn a deaf ear to those who espouse a way of higher living in our world. This year, however, let us truly take at least a moment or two to really think of how true thankfulness could change the very world we live in. If many of us were truly thankful for our families, we would spend more meaningful time with our loved ones, and those meaningful moments would translate into warm memories that would last a lifetime and beyond. If all of us were truly thankful for our jobs and careers, we would respect the other people at our place of work. There would be less backbiting, gossip and stress on the job; because we would work in harmony with one another to make sure that our place of employment ran smoothly. If you really think about it, you will realize just how many businesses have failed because of greed, dishonesty and selfishness. Being grateful for what we have would eliminate such behaviors, because we would actually want what was best for our place of employment.
     What would our world look like if we were all thankful to be alive and living on this beautiful planet we call home? What if we were all thankful for all of the many countries and the natural resources that these lands provide? Might we then treat one another with more appreciation and realize that we all need each other in this thing called life. Would we then stop all the greed, price gauging and feuding in our world trade system? Could we possibly come closer to achieving world peace, if we were all thankful for each other, and our willingness to share openly with our brethren? 
     Let us ask ourselves what would happen if we were all thankful for the Divine Spirit that dwells with and within each and every one of us. What if we all realized that we were truly not alone in this world? What if we came to the realization that we are all connected because we are all children of the same loving God that made all things? Might we have more compassion and love for one another if we were to realize that we are all the same in heaven’s eyes? Might we all have plenty if we realized that God is our source, and that He has more than enough to provide each and every one of our personal needs?
     I believe that if we really think about it, thankfulness means so much more than giving a passive nod to the turkey that will grace our dinner tables this year. It means so much more than knowing that we are better off than the homeless man, or the individual who has less than we do. Thankfulness, true thankfulness, could perhaps change the world if we ventured to let it shine forth from our hearts… Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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