Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Kingdom Of Heaven Truly Is Within You

     There are many of us that have been taught that God is far away from the human race. We see the Divine Spirit as some bearded man in the sky, who is hard to reach with our prayers. The question is often asked, "where is God when I need him?" The truth is, the Divine is not far off. We need not go to some brick and mortar building or shrine to gain access to Spirit... for God is right where we are. The scriptures speak of humanity as being the living stones that compose the house of God. So where did we ever get the idea that the Divine Spirit was locked away in the heavens, or in some tabernacle in a church?
     In metaphysics, we are taught that the temple of God is within the heart of us all. We are told that if we just quiet the mind, and rest in the silence, the still small voice of God will be heard. Did not Jesus say that the kingdom of heaven is within us. Did he not also say, that the kingdom is right in our midst? Why then, do so many who take the scriptures literally not believe in these words? You are being asked right now, to believe in those words. Know that there is a sacred place within you, where the candle of God shines forth with all it's power, wisdom and love. You can commune with this holy presence within. All you need to do is shut out the distractions of the material world, close your eyes, and listen.

     Using oracular tools like the Runes, I-Ching or Angel oracle cards is also a great way to get in touch with the higher voice within. One man who I introduced to the Runes said the ancient stones were like turning up the volume on the still small voice within. I agreed with his words, because the Runes seem to bring Divine wisdom to the forefront of our minds. This was the main purpose of writing my up coming book, "The Metaphysical Power Of The Runes." Because I have encountered so many people who feel that they are alone in this thing called life. I feel the book is so important because it helps to bring God home, right where we live. I also suggest that people educate themselves in metaphysical thought by reading such authors as Dr. Joseph Murphy, Emmet Fox and Ernest Holmes. Knowledge is power, and this kind of knowledge makes the power of God accessable to us all.


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