Monday, November 29, 2010


     You are the only thinker in your universe, and what you think will be demonstrated in your life experiences. Many of us scoff at such a notion, thinking that it is a lot of hocus pocus. But if we really take an account of our lives, we would see that life produced just what we were thinking about at the time. This is true for the people around us as well. We all probably know someone who complains that they cannot get ahead in their finances, and they never do. We are most likely familiar with someone who complains of being sick all the time as well.. and that person surely gets every new illness that comes down the pike. Just tune into what others are saying around you, and then look at the fruitage in their lives. No person can rise above their most deep seeded thoughts and confessions of such. Think of it in these terms; your life is like a sacred garden, and what you think, really believe in and then speak are like the seeds you plant in that garden. What kind of crop have you been growing lately?

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