Friday, November 19, 2010

The Metaphysical Power Of The Runes

The mind is like ancient pyramid, filled with wisdom beyond your conscious knowing. The conscious mind, (or the part of your mind that is awake and alert throughout the day,) is the very tip of the pyramid. The conscious mind deals in making choices, reason, and gathering information through the five physical senses. The subconscious mind is like the very large base of the pyramid, and within it is the power to change your world. In my upcoming book, "The Metaphysical Power Of The Runes," you will be shown how to reach the deeper wisdom of your subconscious mind using ancient symbols. The techniques are easy.. the results are life changing.

The Metaphysical Power Of The Runes combines the ancient art of Rune casting with Metaphysical/New Thought concepts. The result is a fresh, never before done interpretation of the Futhark. This book is timely and relevent for the age in which we live, and is dedicated to making our world a better place... one life at a time. The Runes are an oracular tool that transend time and rises once again to give wisdom and light to a new generation. 

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