Monday, August 8, 2016


    Think about it, do the trees suffer from high blood pressure, cancer, heart disease, arthritis or diabetes? Does the wind suffer from poverty, stress, anxiety or depression? Is the cosmos beyond our tiny blue planet filled with war, lack, disease and unrest? No, the universe and the elements are free of such human conditions and ailments. In nature, there seems to be a perfect peace and balance. All of the creatures that dwell upon the earth are provided for by the natural elements around them. It is said, in many spiritual disciplines, that nature reflects the attributes of God. Therefore, if none of these human challenges exist in nature, they do not exist in God, who is the one who put nature into motion. From the earthly atmosphere upwards, the problems that beset us as human beings seem not to exist. But isn't it an interesting thought to ponder that idea from the top down: that is to say, none of these problems exist in God, so they must not exist in his creation. Could it be that it is our own consciousness that brings these sufferings into our existence? Could it be that what we think, we become? It is said that God indwells all of his creation. Even the Bible tells us that God dwells within us. So if the force that created all things is exempt from such things as disease, discord and poverty, might we expel those things from our lives by tuning deeper into that force? By contemplating God, could we become more like the thing that we think about? In metaphysics they say that this is the case. I cannot argue with this hypothesis, because I've seen the contemplation of God dissolve a great many mountains in my own life. Perhaps we should all take a few days this week to contemplate the higher nature of God, and see what changes take place in our lives by its end. After all, it doesn't cost us anything except a little time. And then we might ask ourselves, what if it actually works?

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  1. Nature is harsh place where the weak, diseased, and unlucky are dispatched unceremoniously. An honest objective eye would quickly realize that our planet earth is a hostile environment for all of its inhabitants especially humans. Your views are subjective and formulated from a temporary luxurious perch. Nothing is permanent. The world turns, seasons change, entire civilizations and eco systems rise and fall, continents divide. The human existence is a skid mark on last week’s pair of mother Earth’s underwear. Spirituality may be bring comfort but it will not bring lasting relief. Spirituality is at its core a perspective of human arrogance practiced only in relative luxury.