Monday, June 20, 2016


    There was a time in my life when I felt very close to Spirit, but then through time and circumstance I experienced a bit of a crisis of faith. At that time in my life, I was surrounded by a lot of negative religious individuals. The sermons of hellfire and brimstone were many, and the theological arguments for an angry, vengeful God were many. According to these individuals, your chances of salvation were extremely slim, and God was ready to punish and annihilate at the drop of a hat. Needless to say, after many years of exposure to such attitudes, my personal faith bottomed out and I turned away, for a time, from any depthy spiritual thought or work.

    During that time of my spiritual sabbatical, I tried to fill the empty, spiritual space within with whatever I could. I tried to fill it with people, with material possessions, creativity, my personal goals and probably a host of other things as well. Over time however, I began to realize that none of these things really fulfilled me the way I thought they would. And the people that I trusted, whom I thought were my friends, all let me down by either abandonment or betrayal as the months went on. It was then, that I slowly began to wake up, as if from a dream state. I realized how fragile our world truly is. We often trust our governments, our friends, our jobs, our money and possessions. But all of these things are built on such a fragile structure, and none of us can never really tell when a portion of that which we feel supports us will cave-in and collapse. When this happens, we can feel devastated and lost.

    It was through this awakening process, that I realized that it is only through our connection with Spirit, that we can truly feel strengthened and supported. There is that place within us all, that nothing will ever truly be able to fill except the Divine. Some may call this escapism, or using the mere fantasy of an unprovable, being as an emotional crutch, but I beg to differ. God is a constant, when there is no love around us on the landscape of life, God is that love. When there's no one there to support us, God is that support. When things look bleak in this world, and we hope for change and a more peaceful existence; God is that place because the kingdom of heaven is within us. When we near that moment where we will take our final breath in this world, there may be no one around or there may be someone there to hold their hand ; but ultimately, it will be Spirit that will give us the greatest comfort and lead us back home. When things seem desperate in this life, it is God that provides for us through some unforeseen miracle that we label as coincidence.

    When we have that true mystical connection with the Divine, it doesn't matter whether we lay our heads down on the most expensive bed or on a tattered, old mattress at night, our peace will be complete and we will find contentment in any circumstance. Friends may betray, and the fragile structure on which man's world is built, may collapsed beneath our feet. But we will remain strong and confident that there will be better things to come. There's nothing else that can give us that kind of peace, only God can fill that void within that is perfectly shaped and fitted to the higher, infinite realms.



  1. Enjoyed this. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I also enjoyed it very much, well written...thanks.