Thursday, June 16, 2016


    What good does it do to complain about every instance in our lives? All of us get annoyed sometimes, or voice our disapproval over certain things. But then there are those who have a complaint about nearly everything in their lives. They complain about what has to be done in a day, they complain about the habits of those around them, they complain about coworkers or the way the cap has been put on the toothpaste... Complainers complain about practically every occurrence in their day, and they certainly have something negative or critical to say about the way others do things. Nothing is ever in harmony or done right according to the complainer. But this way of life is a burden to mind, body and soul. There is enough anxiety in a day without seeking out minor infractions to rant about. Perhaps instead of going over life with a magnifying glass, looking for something to disapprove of and complain about; we should think more about what is right in our world.  Maybe we should focus on the fact that we are alive and healthy, the beauty of nature, the feelings of elation that comes when we hear a imagistic peace of music, the serene connection we have with divinity deep within our souls or just the fact that we have a home to live in and food to eat. One blessing can outweigh a thousand complaints. Focus on what's right in your life, not the things you feel the need to complain about.


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