Tuesday, March 8, 2016


    Each morning when I read the daily news, I see more and more articles on the topic of sickness and disease. Some of the headlines I have read over the last few days have said, "16 signs of an impending heart attack." "10 signs that you may be ready to experience a serious stroke." "19 signs that tell you that there is cancer growing in your body right now." The list goes on and on of fearful warnings about what dreaded infirmity maybe befall us next. And the serious warning signs are things that most people experience almost daily, such as: tired achy feet, fatigue, acne or gas. This is certainly a way to get people living in more fear and worry than they already have in their lives. On top of all this we have the numerous prescription drug ads we see on television. It would seem that we are being bombarded with images and threats of disease at every turn.

    As mental and spiritual beings, we have a choice to make about what we are seeing and reading in the news. All of the great spiritual leaders of the past have resonated with your message to come out from among the mass mindset of the world and be not like those in it. I myself do not believe that they were talking about every little thing in our existence being taboo as some religious leaders may teach. But rather, I believe they spoke of the mindset of greed, fear, violence, hatred and the like that permeate the world of mankind. There always seems to be the report of a tremendous disaster of one sort of another coming our way according to those in charge and the mass media. If we immerse ourselves in that hectic/fearful mindset, then we will become a part of that disaster. But we have a choice, we can step outside of it all. We can choose to live a life of peace and higher thinking. We can do what is right for us and not let the latest fads dictate what we eat, what we wear and how to think.

    I believe it is the same with sickness and disease. If a worried, anxious mind makes the physical body more susceptible to all forms of sickness and disease. Then a quiet, peaceful mind promotes health, well-being; and there scientific data to support this claim. I sometimes wonder if the big pharmaceutical companies and medical industry does not use these worrisome articles and advertisements to make us more nervous in our daily lives. After all, if we are more stressed out than we already are, then we're more apt to become ill and will be in need of their services and products. But the good news is, that we do not have to participate in their campaign of illness and anxiety. We can come out from among them, and live our lives in a different way. We can leave all of that negative noise behind and live a happier, more peaceful and healthy life. Just because the rest of the world is in turmoil and focusing on terrible things, doesn't mean that you have to. It is your world, your mind and your health. Take responsibility for yourself and create it the way you want it to be. And a more peaceful mindset is the first and most important step in creating health and longevity.


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