Thursday, March 3, 2016


    To experience flashes of psychic insight, and strong intuitions we must get our own opinions out of our way. Let your mind be a blank slate that is able to catch images and impulses that it might not otherwise be privy to. There is always more to a situation than meets the eye, but when our own thoughts about the circumstances are allowed free rein, we can often be mistaken about the deeper issues at hand. In order to see with the nonphysical eyes and hear with the nonphysical ears, we must learn to sense things on a deeper level. Clearing our thoughts and just allowing the impressions to come to us is the first and most vital step of developing psychic ability. A good rule of thumb to check and see if you are using your psychic senses is to ask yourself, "what do I think about this situation?" Then ask yourself, "what do I feel about this situation?" It is what you feel that is important here; that odd feeling or inner sense that is deeper and beneath the rational thought process. When you are tuned into that feeling... you are seeing, hearing and sensing with your psychic abilities.

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