Thursday, February 11, 2016


I have my own dreams, my own goals. To fulfill them, I must turn my attention away from others and on to me. I can't make anyone else's life my dream.

    All too often, the caregiver sacrifices his or her life for someone else. This is a noble cause when we are caring for the sick, infirm and the elderly. But when we put our dreams on hold for someone who is living recklessly or making the same bad decisions over and over again; it is like giving them the steering wheel of our life, and we continuously take the horrendous journey with them. It can be hard to watch someone we care about ruin their lives in some destructive way. But what can we do when they do not respond to our love, advice and help? Sometimes, we simply need to let go and let God. How many lives have been bottomed out after a lifetime has been spent trying to save someone else? It is a sad thing to see, and it's an easy position for many of us to put ourselves into. But we have to realize, we have dreams and aspirations of our own. There is nothing wrong with living our lives and finding our happiness. We cannot make someone else's life our dream. Because our vision may not be their desire. It is hard to watch those on the self-destructive path fall into the same ditches over and over again. But we have to let them make their own mistakes if they keep shunning us and rejecting our help. There is a vast difference in trying to help someone, and living their life for them. We have our own lives to live, and we should not feel guilty in pursuing that which brings us joy. The person in constant need can often take advantage of the one who gives too much; we must be careful not to let ourselves fall into that trap. The only life we can truly control is our own, navigated in the direction that you want it to go. Don't let another person's anchor nail you to the ground and keep you in a perpetual state of stasis. Letting go is difficult, but sometimes the only person we can save is ourselves.

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