Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Life is like a library owned by an author. In it are a few books which he wrote himself, but most of them were written for him. —Harry Emerson Fosdick

     Many people go through their day feeling dissatisfied or like something is missing in their lives. Life feels disjointed, unsatisfying or like there is something just out of reach that could cause true joy and contentment to burst through into the mind and heart. In most cases, that something is our true nature. We have been so programmed by the people around us, or society, that we have lost touch with our true selves. There are many individuals who feel like if they ever truly said what was on their mind, they would be ridiculed or rejected. We often see those who bully others, being negative and insulting to those who don't fit into the general societal mold. Is this anyway for any of us to live? Should we be controlled like a herd, and punished for being who we truly are? 

    I would suggest that confidence is the key to winning this battle. Everyone seems to respect a confident person, even if that confidence is fake and driven by a damaged ego. How much more will true confidence change the landscape of your life if it is truly projected from a place of certainty. Be confident in who you are, be proud of the fact that you are different. Don't feel like less of a person just because you don't agree with the mass populace. Perhaps it is the mass populace who have the problem because a large percentage of them are not saying what they mean, they are just mimicking what the voices around them are saying. This is not confidence, this is not true joy in living. This is not legitimate self expression or caring for oneself. To follow the crowd and force yourself into a certain role is inevitable, emotional suicide. It is a life choice that will never foster peace or happiness. Don't let the library of your life be filled with books you do not want on the shelf. Write your own script, borrow from those you truly respect and delete the pages that someone else has inserted against your will.

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