Monday, February 22, 2016


    We hear more and more people these days saying that they are lonely and alone. They complain that they have no friends and making new friends in the modern world is a task that seems almost impossible. Certainly it is a difficult thing to do, to live in a society where most people are content to be closer to their electronic gadgets than other human beings. And it's never easy when those we considered our best friends betray us or drift out of our lives. But what can we do to make ourselves feel better under such conditions? I propose a couple of different things: first of all, we can keep company with ourselves. The television need not be our only companion when we are alone. Taking up a daily practice of meditation or self hypnosis is a great way to work on your own thoughts, emotions and mind. Getting to know yourself better and embarking upon a journey of self improvement is a great way to bring joy into your life. If you don't believe me, try it, and see how you feel even after the first week. You will feel proud of yourself, and the light of happiness will begin to shine through the clouds as you begin to make improvements within yourself. Personal accomplishments always strengthen our esteem!

    Another great way to spend time by yourself, is to commune with spirit. Learn how to reach out to the other side and receive messages or have conversations with your deceased loved ones and the angels. The spirits make great companions, and are capable of having some very interesting dialogues. I can attest to the fact, that they can be more entertaining than the living many times. You can also commune with spirit, your subconscious mind and higher self through divination tools such as the Runes, Tarot cards, Angel cards etc. There were times in my own life, when all I had were the techniques and practices outlined in this blog. One would think that would have been a very depressing time. But to the contrary, it was a very exciting and enlightening time. I personally look back on those years now with great fondness and a grateful heart. I learned a great many things in those days and the personal growth was tremendous. You need not pass your days feeling depressed and alone. There is a whole host of things available to you that can help you revolutionize your life. All it takes is a decision and the desire to make the present more personally fulfilling.

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