Wednesday, November 4, 2015


    As I mentioned yesterday, it is possible to have mystical experiences during meditation. It is also possible to receive personal revelations and psychic insights from the realm of spirit during your time in meditation. Here are a couple of methods that I personally like to use;

     To connect and commune with the angelic realm, I sit quietly for a few seconds and take several deep breaths. I then imagine that I am lighting a candle in my solar plexus area. As the warm glow of that candles light begins to filter out into the room around me, the golden light of the angelic realm begins to shine down from the cosmos and mingles with the light emanating from within myself. The two lights then become one and immerse me in their warm glow. At that time, I simply open myself up to any messages from the angelic realm while resting in the silence and beauty of their presents. If I have a specific question or concern, I will simply ask and then wait quietly for the reply. The reply may come in sentences, words or images. But I have never failed to receive the answer. Even if I do not have a specific question in mind, the thoughts and inspirations that come to me are many times astounding.

    To increase your connection to or receive messages from spirit or deceased loved ones, the method is pretty much the same. Only when you light the candle in your solar plexus, imagine the flame being a blue white light. As the light filters into the room, see the light of spirit coming down from the cosmos and becoming one with your own illumination. As you become enveloped in the light of spirit, simply imagine a door opening above your head in the sky or on the ceiling. Project your consciousness through that door, and then either sit quietly and wait for sensations and inspirations or call upon whatever spirit you wish to communicate with. It is best during this technique to ask only a few questions per session, no more than three. Let spirit do most of the talking through whatever means they communicate with you through.

    These are only two examples of how I use meditation to have mystical experiences or commune with spirit. Feel free to expand on these techniques, or come up with your own. You can use these methods also to commune with God, Saints and ascended masters. There is no limit to what you can do.

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