Thursday, November 5, 2015


    When any religious organization, or political party can get an individual to be completely loyal to them and even overlook their many wrong doings; then they know that they have the person right where they want them. Such an organization will then begin to take great liberties with the authority that has been given to them; knowing that many will complain, but none will take action to make them answer for their abuse of power.

     Loyalty to a fault is another name for complete control. And those who can gain it know full well that it gives them license to do almost anything they please. If we look at the state of religion and politics in our world today, we can clearly see the outcome and actions of this kind of blind loyalty. And it will not stop until people learn to think for themselves and not be beholden to a certain party or religious sect based on their name or affiliation. The only thing that you should be completely loyal to is your own thoughts and moral code... and neither should be defined for you by anyone else, no matter what their rank and title is.

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