Tuesday, August 11, 2015


    Most of the difficulties we face as human beings is because we strain so hard to control every circumstance around us. We try to control the environment on our job, then get upset when things don't go as planned. We try to control other people's lives by changing them, but when they don't change we become angry and upset that they didn't heed our advice. We try to control our health, our home, our neighborhood our day our week our year and almost every other situation in our lives. No wonder most people feel so tired and burned out all the time.

    Perhaps we should try relaxing, relinquishing and just let life flow. There are things we can control in our lives... but there are many things we cannot. Perhaps this is what the Buddha meant when he told us to get rid of the ego, empty ourselves and be accepting of whatever may come. To worry, to strain, to try and work our own will in every circumstance is to suffer... because the world does not always reshape itself to meet our demands.

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