Monday, August 10, 2015


    The world may tell you that you're too fat, too skinny, not fashionable enough, not politically correct enough, no educated enough, a loser, a geek and god knows whatever else. According to society, there's always something you are doing wrong or lacking and this can make us feel horrible about ourselves. But think about it this way, all those voices that are criticizing and bellowing out their critiques are all individuals who have been swept up in the current of trends or another persons opinion. What they believed and stood for yesterday has changed and been cast away so that they might fit in with the new popular mindset. After all, we wouldn't want to have a different viewpoint than everybody else; that would just make us the oddball right? But who really is the odd man out in this situation; the person who changes their opinion or identity to please everyone else... or the person who stays true to themselves no matter what the media, fashion or governments dictate. Never be ashamed of being yourself. I would rather die being who I am than live being someone I'm not.

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