Sunday, August 10, 2014


    We are often told by the organized religions that death is our enemy. And thus, man has fought against that fateful day of his mortal passing for centuries, only to fail in finding the elixir of eternal life. But what if we have been told wrong? What if death is merely the apparition that comes to us in the end and leads us to that place where life never ends? what if death is the gateway that leads us out of the temporary finite and into the infinite? What if the ancient, pagan cultures were right, and death is actually a birth into something for more glorious than we could ever imagine? What if death is a kind and merciful friend that waits to liberate us from our trials and show us what we truly are as spiritual beings?

    Why live our lives in fear of death? We should go through life with joy and know that in the end, life begins anew!

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