Thursday, August 7, 2014


     Many people want proof that there is a Divine presence in the universe. They claim to be scientific, yet cannot explain how life began or where it came from. Some highly esteemed scientists such as Richard Dawkins hypothesize that some form of alien life came and seeded our planet with the elements of life or altered the DNA of whatever form of life was here before us... Yet they cannot explain where the aliens came from who supposedly made us! Some of the scientific theories that abound take just as much faith to believe as many religious ideas. I say to this all; step outside, witness the diversity of life and the wondrous beauty of nature. It is there that you will experience a profound peace and a deep sense of awe... it is there that you will really know and feel that all of the small intricate parts are part of a larger whole. And that whole is the Divine. Life is too glorious to be a mistake, even if it started on Mars!

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