Thursday, June 5, 2014


    I respect everyone's spiritual path, but there are some people that my heart truly goes out to. I feel genuinely sad for those who are steeped in religions that are overflowing with darkness and fear. In my days of church going, I saw a great many people who believed that the devil and his minions were everywhere; just waiting to deceive and harm them. They swore that evil spirits could attach you if you listened to rock music, watched movies, read certain books or even explored other religions. I once read a book where a pastor said he went to visit the Mormon temple in Utah. This man said that he felt demonic spirits all around the property. He then went on to record that one of these evil spirits tried to possess his young son on the premises... and that he had to cast it out.

    I have seen many, many religious folks become deathly afraid of any ghost-like activity because they believed that the "ghost" was actually a demonic entity. Such individuals believe that when a person passes away, they are immediately taken by the angels to either heaven or hell... therefore, there are no such things as ghosts; only demons masquerade as the deceased. Many church going people quote the words of Jesus, "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free." But has their religion truly given them freedom? Sadly, it appears that most are captives to fear and suspicion, rather than living a life of freedom. There are many in this world that are held prisoner by the demons of religion and they need to be set free by the light of logic, love and a clear concept about what the Divine Spirit is and is not. It is not an easy task to bring those who are over burdened with so much negative doctrine to place of realization and inner peace; but it can be done. If you know someone who is trapped in such a dismal mindset, do not be afraid to offer them a kernel of truth or wisdom. It may not be the key that sets them free... but it will always be a seed that can sprout into something greater later in their lives!

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