Wednesday, June 4, 2014


    It doesn't matter what we call it; every person has a force within them that can move mountains and transform their lives. When we truly believe in something, that force is released and goes to work on any problems that we may be facing. Some believe that God reaches down and makes the changes, that God IS THE FORCE.    But no, God put the force within our spiritual being... it is part of our spiritual makeup. Just as the physical body had organs and components, so does the spiritual part of us. That unseen force is just one of those components, and it is released by our faith and belief in a higher power to aid us in our time of need. It doesn't matter whether one uses prayer, magick, affirmations or whatever; they all aid us in releasing that spiritual force from within... Jesus said many times to those he healed, "thy faith has made thee whole." He knew that there was a certain something within us that drew upon the Divine energies of the universe, and could bring it right down to where we are!


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