Wednesday, March 5, 2014


    It seems that many things are changing in our modern world; one of which is the absents of loyalty among friends, family and spouses. As one who does psychic readings, I get dozens of calls per day where people are beside themselves because someone they cared about exited their lives rudely and abruptly. Some of these relationships are marriages or friendships that have been sustained for years; and suddenly betrayal, harsh words or insults come out of nowhere and the other person is left hurt, in shock and dumbfounded. So why the mass exodus of people in our lives? Why all of the selfishness, rudeness and abandonment? This kind of thing has always happened in our world, but now it seems to have reached an epidemic. And the people doing the abandoning are said to have changed over night; almost as if some alien body snatcher has replaced them or stolen there sanity in the night watches. Whatever the reason for the great lost art of loyalty in our world, I can assure you of this: it is something that is and will continue to alter life as we know it.... and not for the better.

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