Friday, March 7, 2014


    In delving into the Study of Satanism last summer, I was shocked to discover that much of what we believe about this religion is actually false. The images and rumors of human sacrifice, forbidden rituals and conjuring demons that haunt our darkest nightmares has been proven to be as non-existent as the boogie-man in our closet when we were young children. The interesting thing about Satanism is:

They do not believe in an actual devil, Satan represents human nature, life, strength and the ability of each individual to be who they truly are.

Some Satanists do believe in a literal Satan, but he is more like the pagan god's of old and is the life force energy that is in all things.

They do not worship the Biblical devil; their Satan is a completely different being altogether.

Satanists frown upon and those who do engage in actual devil worship and harm other human beings or animals.

Satanists actually love animals and discourage anyone from harming them for mere sport and cruelty.

Satanists are not racist in any way shape or form; they accept every person for who and what they are without criticism or question.

Satanist do not try to convert others to their religion, they believe everyone has the right and responsibility to seek truth as they see fit.

Satanist promote critical thinking and believe that you should always research a fact before you believe it.

Satanists promote common sense, using logic and educating one's self.

Satanists are not materialists, nor are they greedy for riches; they believe that personal happiness should be above and beyond all else.

Satanists respect nature.

Satanists do practice magick rituals that are closely related to many of the other Pagan religions in the world.

Satanists do not practice black magick. The black arts are something that a devil worshiper might engage in, and Satanists shun such things.

     When you really look at the facts, these people do not seem to be the gruesome individuals that many have made them out to be.... In fact, they do not seem so different from many other people in this world that are on a spiritual path that has meaning for them.

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