Wednesday, August 21, 2013


    Many times when a relationship goes bad, such as someone cheating, becoming abusive or living a double life, the victimized person tends to blame themselves. They ask what they did wrong or think that the universe is punishing them for something they did in their past. This is not the proper way to think in such circumstances. We must realize, everyone has free will, and no amount of prayer, metaphysics or magick can change what a person truly is inside. When we pray or take some other spiritual action on the behalf of another, the Divine always reaches out to that person. They are presented with opportunity to change and better themselves; but ultimately it is up to the individual to reach back and take the steps necessary to mature and grow. We can never blame ourselves for the behavior of others or think we deserved some punishment or mistreatment. Sometimes the best thing we can do is walk away, let time heal our wounds and employ spiritual means to make our own life more the way we want it to be. There is nothing selfish about taking such actions, and it does not prohibit us from praying or using spiritual methods to help the person who hurt us in the first place. Self blame and self loathing are never the answer... but spiritual growth and understanding can help move us from a place of pain to a place of peace.

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