Thursday, August 22, 2013


    The spiritual masters and magicians of the past understood that our words and thoughts contain great power. They were very careful not to utter statements in haste or allow their thoughts to spiral out of control in a fearful direction. They knew that a word spoken or a thought pondered that was backed by high emotions, whether positive or negative, was like a seed planted in the person's life who released it. In the modern age, we could learn a lesson from those who came before us and not be so quick to let statements or imaginations just leap out of our mouths and minds in times of fear or stress. When we do this, we actually empower the negative circumstances and make them that much harder to overcome. Always remember this; emotion equals intent. Faith is no more than the powerful belief that something will come to pass that has not yet occurred. Thus fear is the powerful belief that something we dread will materialize in our lives. Thinking before we speak and cutting off those horrid little mental movies that run through our minds when circumstances are not as we would like them to be is over the half the battle. Master your words and your thoughts, and you will begin to master your life.

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