Friday, July 5, 2013


In order to be a good psychic, one must have some knowledge of spiritual counseling. After all, the cards can give a person information about the future, and insight into current events; But what happens when those insight are less than perfect? Are we to just leave the client hanging out there in spiritual limbo with no lifeline to bring their own existence back into order? This is where at least some knowledge of spiritual counseling can come in useful because you can offer practical advice to help the person being read for take steps to overcome their current challenges. Many people do not know this, but the Tarot itself is more than just a “fortune telling tool,” but it is a guidance system. Through its rich imagery, the Tarot can give us specific details on how to handle less than perfect situations in our lives. It can also give us a solid plan on how to reach our goals.   

     Spiritual counseling is important because most times when people face difficulties, they tend to only look at those solutions that are mundane or rooted in the physical arena. What most of us fail to realize when going through a trial in life, is that the spiritual aspect of the universe can bring incredible power, healing and answers to bear on our circumstances. These spiritual energies often have an incredible effect on our lives by easing stress, eliminating fears and bringing peace to our troubled minds in the midst of a personal storm. When this happens, a metaphysical shift occurs and our challenges seem to weaken their hold on us and begin to evaporate like mist exposed to warm sunlight. But don’t think that spiritual solutions are all about hocus pocus and things mysterious and unseen. Spiritual counseling is also about using common sense, logic and practical solutions that the person seeking help may have overlooked.

     It is important for psychics to remember to offer solutions when a reading turns out less than perfect. But it is also important for the one seeking the reading to ask for solutions before the reading is concluded. Never just walk away from a reading with a defeated thank you after the cards have revealed a rough road ahead to a situation that is already rough enough. And if the psychic cannot offer any specific spiritual counseling, seek out someone who can. This may be a trusted friend, a spiritual leader or someone who specializes in giving spiritually based advice to his or clients. No matter how you choose to seek out spiritual counseling, it is your right to seek answers when faced with a predicament. Always use the tools and professionals that are available to you in your area. There are even some great places online where you can seek out spiritual wisdom and counseling for little or no money at all. So just don’t lay down under the crushing wheel of tough times, and never let others convince you that that’s just the way it is. You always have the choice to take action to heal yourself and better your circumstances. And spiritual counseling is a great way to set a course to get you back into the game of life.



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