Tuesday, April 23, 2013


     Ever since I was a kid, I had thoughts and ideas that were very pagan. I didn't know that they were pagan then because I was too young to know what a pagan was. As I got older, I found out that there were many ancient people's that had similar spiritual ideas that I had pretty much all my life. I have no idea where I got these thoughts from but they were my true nature none the less. Of course when I was exposed to mainstream religion later on in life, I was told that these things were evil and from the devil. But as time went on, I yielded more to my true self than to popular opinion. Thus little by little, over time, I began to come out of my spiritual shell. I think the last year was really the final mile to walk as I shed all vestiges of the spiritual past and became the individual I always truly was. The transformation had become official and compete this past weekend. Thus the world is a different place for me than it was even a week ago... and even the blog has changed.... again :-)

     Needless to say, the corners of life have been swept clean and my authentic self is no longer mixed with ideologies that do not fit into the matrix of my soul. Anyone who has ever taken such a journey knows that it takes time to detoxify from the programming of fear based religion; especially when you were exposed to it at a very young age. But hey, the adventure is worth it... and what would we be as human beings without a mountain to climb or a dragon to conquer? Welcome to the Nocturnal Moonscape... I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

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