Wednesday, April 24, 2013


    As many of you already know, I am an author and like to dabble in various genres. My works span from poetry to horror to the metaphysical. It was recently suggested to me that perhaps I should put out my horror projects under a different author name, like many other writers have done. Authors sometimes create these new names because the consensus is that most people can't compute or handle a writer who dips his pen into too many subjects. Thus I had decided to take this sage advice and release my up coming book under a new name which was Devin Graves... I'm sure some of you remember the name from my blog.

     I thought it would be fun to create an alter ego like some writers do and be a totally different person in the horror realm... But in the end... I hated it. It was enough work being one writer, let alone two. I trashed Devin Graves and sent him to the literary grave and reclaimed my work as my own. And as far as the sage advice goes, I say to blazes with it. I think people can wrap their brains around a writer who dips his pen in several different genres. Therefore I blog to you today, these confessions of a mad writer.

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