Friday, March 8, 2013


    The topic of today's blog may be a little deeper than usual, and there may be some folks who disagree... and that is fine. The question I pose today is this; are we wiser in the new modern world? I ask this because despite all of our new technologies and advances in science it seems we are becoming more complacent, easily led and dishonest. Politicians all over the world take seats of power and then try to rule countries according to their own agendas. They care not if the people are are poor, hungry and the nation teeters on economic callapse. Scientists, historians and archeologists many times feed us information that has been tweaked according to their personal viewpoint instead of what true facts present. A few examples of this is the very popular views that spiritual leaders such as Jesus Christ, Buddha and even Muhammad never existed... and this is just to name a few. We are told that such horrible incidents like the Jewish Holocaust never happened. Some even propose that Adolph Hitler was misunderstood and not such a bad guy. This list goes on and on of how such things have shaped the opinions and world view of many. After all, if someone has a phd after his or her name, or several other letters, it must be right?

    And so as we look at the new modern world and the direction in which we are all headed, I ask again: Are we wiser? Are we headed in the right direction? Should we trust some of the information coming our way as if it were gospel truth? Can we trust modern man with our well being, faith and even our mortal souls? This is a question that we each must ask ourselves, and we will all come up with different answers. I for one, believe that we are being worn down little by little by the barrage of dishonety, distorted facts warped agendas. I do not think that bigger computers, fancy tablets and smart phones are making us smarter at all.... But then again, that's just my opinion.


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