Tuesday, October 16, 2012


    Today is the day to get a new prospective on life. Many times when you face challenges, your mind cycles through the same thoughts, worries and solutions. This is why certain problems seem to resurface every so often. You must gain the new and higher prospective that will cause you to master the unwanted influences and circumstances. Many times, human beings are creatures of habit; taking the same route whenever life presents roadblocks and pitfalls. But if you truly think about it, you will see that there is an easier way. You have all of the wisdom of the Divine available to you, and the love and protection of angels always near you. Nothing is impossible for you, if you will only believe and marry faith to wisdom. There is no need to feel anxious or defeated, the angels are always near and will lift you up if you but ask them. This is the day to release the need to control, reposition yourself, get a new understanding and know that help is always just one prayer away.
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