Monday, October 15, 2012


    I am very pleased to offer for this weeks free Kindle book, An Angel Came Down. When I decided to write about my experiences with an angelic being, I never thought that I was writing a book that would speak to so many other people about their own lives as well. When I was facing challenges in life or feeling restless because I had unanswered questions, I thought that my challenges were unique and that my own personal problems at the time were so much more complex than that of other people. But through chronicling my angelic encounters, I saw the universal message that applied to us all. And then when I had gotten feedback from people who had read it, I knew that this book was bigger than just me.. This experience speaks to each an every one of us; because when it comes right down to it, we all have much in common at the soul level.

    Early in life, author P.J. Caiden began to be haunted by unusual visions and the memory of a home that was not of this earth. Although he longed to return to that mysterious place, he had no idea where it was located. As the years went by, P.J. began to feel very disheartened as he observed the way in which people treated each other. Saddened and distraught by the verbal abuse of his alcoholic father and the cutting words and actions of those around him, P.J. began to ask God for a sign that there really was love and acceptance in this cruel world he was now living in. Then one day, as he sat alone in his room, staring through the window at a gray November sky, the ominous clouds parted and a strange craft emerged from the heavens. Aboard the craft was an unusual girl with large feathery wings protruding out of her back. At first taken back by the bizarre encounter, young P.J. became quickly alarmed when the girl spoke to him telepathically and asked permission to enter the room.

An Angel Came Down recounts the otherworldly events that began to unfold in P.J. Caiden's life when he was just a boy and have continued to reoccur into the present day.

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