Thursday, June 28, 2012


     My thoughts on writing during the break were interesting, yet it was ground I have covered in my thoughts before; and that is, what does it mean to be a writer? In todays society, there is a lot of competition and people looking for that one big break in their careers, and it is easy to get caught up in that mindset. Yet whenever I find dollar signs and bigger sales being my motivation, my creativity suffers and I produce work that lacks in quality. Thus for me, I guess I am a true meat and potatoes writer who must write what comes out of the muse and nothing more or nothing less. Popularity, sales and best seller lists have to take a backseat to personal satisfaction and the creative process. It has to be for the love of the art, or it just doesn't float in my world. My philosophy is, painters paint; but if you tell him what to paint every time and do not let him express his own spirit in his art, then that art becomes less of a joy to the artist. Therefore, the days of me trying to tap out projects that will meet a certain popular market demand are long gone.. And unfortunately, this what I have spent the spring and summer this year doing, trying to be more marketable in the high ranking genres of the writing world. I have laid that to rest however, and have returned to zero... For me, this is about personal fulfillment and touching the few souls who may wish to read my work. Everything else is just mind clutter... And besides, you never know what will catch on in the world of books; sometimes writers surprise themselves... Cheers.

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  1. An interesting post to read as I spend too much time trying to make my books more marketable...