Wednesday, June 27, 2012


     Good morning everyone, and thanks for the welcome back messages.. As you may have already noticed, I will be blogging every other day or so... and sometimes even every day; it depends what's swirling around in the mind at the time. One conclusion that I came to during the break was that it is tough being a daily blogger...LOL.. It's not always easy to come up with an inspirational thought every single day. And sometimes I just want to share a piece of music or one of my poems or whatever... so the blog will be more versatile from this point onward. After all, I'm a writer who is spiritual, not a guru who is a writer; even though I do have my guru tendencies :-)

     As far as my spiritual reevaluations go; you could say that I have awakened a bit more in my own personal journey. Ever since I was a kid I had spiritual ideas that were very pagan-ish. It wasn't until I was older that I realized that some of my personal beliefs and practices were actually ancient pagan rituals and beliefs... kind of odd when one thinks about it and makes me wonder if perhaps we all haven't been here before as some believe. But none the less, I have embraced more of my inner self and what it believes; an emerging of another kind one could say. Where as before, I generally believed in the masculine aspect of deity, I know embrace both the God and the Goddess and believe that nature, life and belief is out of balance without both of them... a broken family if you will. So during the break and even as I type... I am... becoming.

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