Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Thoughts To Ponder

     It is interesting to note that the simplest cell on planet earth is still so complex, that science is not sure how all of the components for life just happened to come together in our humble beginnings. Think of it this way; all of the parts that would go into making a 1992 Ford Taurus, are actually far less complicated than the chemical make up of the most simple cell. So if we took all of the parts of the Ford Taurus, fully assembled, and put them in a feild very close to one another; it would still be impossible for time, climate or condition to assmble those parts and make a perfectly built Taurus. If we took all the chemicals that go into making up a cell or a strand of DNA, and poured them in a feild, those chemicals would most likely begin to break down and decay before they could ever assemble in the precise amounts to even start to resemble life. The elements are not kind, and they would certainly begin to delute, dry up or absorb our life building chemicals before random chance could somehow bring them together in such a mind staggering fashion as we see in cellular composition. Now we begin to appreciate the complexity and questions that surround the origins of life on planet earth... What do you think?

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