Thursday, April 20, 2017


    The pentagram, or five pointed star, is a symbol used in many spiritual traditions. It's five points representing the four elements; earth, air, fire and water. The point at the top of the star represents Spirit, and points heavenward to remind us from where we came, and from where our ultimate source of supply comes. The five points of the pentagram can be meditated upon to bring wisdom into our lives in any situation. Here are some examples of how this sort of meditation may work:

Earth - when people around us are stressed out, panicked, backbiting or fighting; gossiping or in any kind of turmoil. The element of earth reminds us to stay grounded and centered. It counsels us not to enter into the unstable landscape of disruption.

Air - air is the element that corresponds with the mind. Air reminds us to always have clarity of thought, keep our thoughts focused and be true to ourselves. As a cool breeze washes away the old, stagnant weather patterns. So does the element of air allow us to navigate through old mindsets or confusing situations that may be being created by others.

Fire - fire is the element of passion and creativity. It is the element that allows us to shape our own reality. Fire can change the entire landscape of our lives, causing us to shoot for those dreams we always wanted to obtain, and succeed in reaching our goals. Fire also brings creative solutions to persisting problems when others may not be able to see clearly.

Water - water allows us to stay flexible in any situation... What learns to bend, will never break. Water can find its way around any obstacle and purifies itself as it washes over the rocks. Water is not solid and stubborn; it does not form an opinion or mindset and then solidify, never to change again. It is transparent and can take take on the shape of any new container if need be. Water also represents honesty and stability in the emotions.

Spirit - Spirit is the ultimate source of power. With Spirit, all things are possible. When we walk with Spirit, miracles can truly happen and the troubles of the day do not seem so very daunting. Spirit empowers us and helps us rise above the problems and noise of the material world, and see things from a higher perspective. Spirit is a great source of comfort and strength in any situation.

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