Monday, March 20, 2017


    The return; The title not only pertains to my return to the blog after another lengthy break. But it also means for me, a spiritual return to my spiritual roots. For those who don't know, or who have not read any of my books, my entire life has been a quest. And that quest has been to know as much spiritual truth as I can in my lifetime, but also to know God and be as close to him as possible in my day-to-day living. Since I was about five years old, I felt very connected to the world of the Spirit. It has always felt familiar to me, like home. It is my greatest goal to return to that place when I leave this world, and to be in the presence of the glorious Divine. I believe, to enter that presence, we must live a life of goodness and love. We must treat others as we ourselves would be treated.

    I, myself, was raised with Christian beliefs that were first introduced to me by my grandparents. They were not scholars, or church going people. They did not read the Bible regularly or have any religious training. They were simple, country folk who were not very educated; but their simple spiritual beliefs made an impact on me at a very early age. I grew up with my own brand of folk Christianity, and was happy in that belief system until the time my parents took me to church for the first time. Over time, organized religion and its adherents had all but destroyed my simple faith. Later in life, I would walk many different spiritual paths and seek truth in various esoteric practices. I learned a great many things on those spiritual journeys, but there always seemed to be one thing lacking, and that was the presence of God. Thus, over the years, the journey has come full circle and I have returned to my spiritual roots: Faith in God, Christ, Angels, Saints and good spirits. I am not a church going person, I am not a scholar, but I read a bit of the Bible each day and take what light comes to me from it. I listen for the voice of Spirit to show me wisdom in the words, and let no man tell me what the meaning of the words is supposed to be. I read Tarot cards, meditate and burn candles with specific intentions. And... I feel the presence of God in my life. (More on the journey tomorrow.)