Tuesday, February 7, 2017


    Most of us go through life as if Spirit were some far off, fantasy that couldn't possibly impact our reality. But the truth is, many people encounter spirit on a daily basis. Many individuals receive visits from departed loved ones and angels. Many receive physical healings through faith and prayer. Spirit is closer to us than we know, and if we asked for a sign of its presence, it will honor our request. The sign given can be subtle and come through our day to day means. Yet, at other times, the sign can be strong and even supernatural. Trust what Spirit gives you as a sign of its presence in your life. Take nothing for granted, and don't talk yourself out of your gift by convincing yourself that it was merely coincidence. We might ask, is there any such thing as coincidence or are such events sign posts that are pointing us to a greater reality? Ask, and it shall be given.

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