Tuesday, November 22, 2016


    The holiday season is upon us, but for many, it is a time for feeling lonely and blue. The memories of what once was, can look over us like a dark cloud making us feel like our best days are behind us. But it needn't be this way. There is a way to rise above the holiday blues, and feel like life has meaning again. There were times in my own life, when there was no one around and no place to go for the holidays. But always being a bit of a spiritualist, I always communed, the best I could, with the angels and departed loved ones. I was surprised at the messages I would get, and the inspirations that would come to mind. The spirits are always around us, and we can feel their presence if we just try. You do not need to be a master medium to be able to communicate with spirit. The most important elements of spirit communication are a sincere heart, the desire to do so and love. Sometimes, people just talk to their angels and loved ones in prayer while reading a certain holy or spiritual book. Other times, individuals close their eyes, and just ask questions and listen for that still small voice within to answer back. Yet others, will use an oracle deck, the Tarot or some other divination tool to commune with the spirits. These are all techniques that you can use to communicate with your guardian angels, and those who have crossed over. Even if it is your first time in doing such a thing, you might be surprised at the messages you receive in the warm feelings around you. You do not need to be alone for the holidays, and the more you practice your spiritual communications, the stronger they will become. I can honestly say, some of the most awesome holidays that I have ever had were spent completely alone with my heavenly family of spirits. The memories that were made during those times, are just as important and precious to me as some of the memories I have made with those special people who are still living upon this earth. Of course there are other ways in which one can chase away the holiday blues. But I have found spirit communication and invaluable tool in my personal past. It is one that I would like to pass on to you at the beginning of this holiday season. Perhaps it will bring as much joy and comfort to you, as it has for me in years gone by.

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