Wednesday, August 10, 2016


    I have studied and sampled many spiritual paths in my life. But no matter what road I may have travelled, or what label I had put on myself, there is one thing that I have always believed. And that is, that there will be a final day of judgment for the inhabitants of the earth. Most all religions have taught the concept of the judgment of the soul after death, and the judgment of humanity as a whole. The imagery may be different, but the idea behind these teachings is all the same: and that is, that each of us will receive payment for what we have done in this life. Not all rewards are the same, the murder and the terrorist will not receive the same compensation as the saint or the one who truly has goodness in their hearts. We may look at our world at this point, and be dismayed about what is happening in the political arena, the wars, all of the many evils done by man on both a large and smaller personal scale. But these things will not last forever. I truly believe that one day, reality will open before our very eyes, and mankind will see the world beyond this world and know that its greed, killing and heartlessness was a grievous mistake. I believe in the end, it will be as the Bible says, many people's hearts will fail them because of fear of what they see coming upon the earth. None of us really know how these things will take place or play out but rest assured, it is coming in some form, one day. Therefore we should not fret about the misdeeds of man... We should also be more mindful of our own actions in our personal lives. What we do does matter, and it is those actions of love that count the most...

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