Monday, March 14, 2016


    Anybody can work with healing energy. It is not as difficult as some may believe, and you do not need any formal training. One of the first techniques that I learned in energy healing, was to imagine a funnel of pure white energy coming down from the cosmos and entering my body through the top of my head. Once this healing energy had filled my entire body, I could direct it and concentrate it to any part of my physical body that needed healing. I could also direct that energy to someone else in need. It didn't matter whether the person was right in front of me, or on the other side of the globe, I could send them healing energy and they would receive it. This form of energy healing can be used for physical ailments, but also for mental or spiritual ailments as well. It is an easy technique that is very effective and I still use it in my personal practice. You can also channel this energy into the future, to surround a certain event or place with a powerful, peaceful, loving and healing light. You might be surprised at how many times this practice made a chaotic work environment more peaceful for me, just by sending energy to the place and people every night. You don't have to be a spiritual master to work with healing energy, all it takes is the desire and a little bit of practice. I am confident that this technique will work for you as soon as you begin to use it, just as it did for me.

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