Tuesday, November 10, 2015


    It is a shame in our world, that there are those who try to take advantage of others through fraudulent spirituality. I'm sure that we have all seen the televangelist who tells his viewers to send large amounts of money and they will receive a miracle from God. There are also those who tell dozens of outlandish stories about being caught up to heaven and seeing Jesus, God and many other incredible things. These people tell us that spiritual portals have open during their preaching meetings, and miracles happened statewide wherever they were. I am certainly not saying that visions and spiritual experiences do not happen, because they certainly can. But these individuals take advantage of other people's faith and even naivety as they present themselves as something they are not. One thing I can say for sure, is that if these individuals had the kinds of spiritual experiences that they claim to have had, they would by no means be so materialistic and dishonest.

    There are also the psychics who use carnival tricks to dupe their clients and make it seem like they're highly gifted, but what they're actually doing is tricking the person they are reading for with smoke and mirrors. You can usually tell who these charlatans are because they will always keep you coming back for urgent spiritual advisement; or tell you that they have to perform some expensive ritual for you to ward off evil spirits, bad karma or a curse that someone has placeds over your life. If you ever go for a psychic reading, and hear such nonsense, demand your money back and walk away. Such people are more interested in your money than they are your spiritual welfare.

    When it comes to preachers, psychics, gurus and modern spiritual teachers, it truly is best to take the Buddha's advice and question everything.

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