Thursday, August 13, 2015


    How many hours a day do we spend with our faces buried in some electronic device? If we're not staring at a TV screen, were texting. If we're not texting, we're playing a game on our tablet or chatting with friends on Facebook. There once was a time when people admired the beauty of the natural world around them, and the best of times were spent having face to face conversations with our friends and family. Going out to dinner, a movie or a even a drive or a picnic were things we all looked forward to and money couldn't buy the memories that were made. But now, we are letting ourselves get swept away in the current of the modern day. People have been replaced by e-objects. Conversations are words on a screen and everyone is too tired to go out and live their lives. We claim we are all so busy and there's so much to do; but what would life be like if we spent some of those texting and tablet hours doing something else? Are we truly that busy in our lives, or are we just filling our days with dead air and lighted screens? Either way, we are losing an important part of our humanity; and that is the ability to be social creatures and the appreciation of the little things in life. An illuminated screen will never take the place of a multicolored sunset. And words on a screen will never replace the emotions and laughter of another person being present with us. How are you spending your days?

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