Monday, March 30, 2015


    Dishonesty breeds distrust; distrust of an individual breeds a bad reputation. When we use others, we become undesirable to those around us; games have a way of ending with the major player being the loser. We can laugh now, but karma always has her day.... always.  Then think how our dishonest action effect those around us; it can teach your children bad habits and low morality. It can make others become jaded, and then in turn, they may begin to mistreat others as well. We can destroy our communities and eventually the world, one soul at a time by implanting our negative, selfish seeds in them. Or we can save it by passing on love, honesty and respect.

    To all those who think they're smarter than the next person by lying, using or being an all consuming greedy individual... STOP... AND CHANGE. Your actions will seal your own tomb in the end, and the poison you leave behind will be that many more buckets of toxic water dumped into the ocean of mankind. Everything we do matters.

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